Why do LED Lights appear to Blink?

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Pretty simple answer, because they do.

When it comes to Christmas Lights, the speed at which they flash varies depending on if they are rectified or non rectified lights. Almost all Commercial Grade LED light strands come with a rectifier built within the strand. The rectifier is typically a submarine shaped doohickey found within the stand. A rectifier in a light strand controls the speed at which the LED’s flash. Non rectified lights flash at a rate of about 4 times per second. where rectified lights will flash at twice the speed of 8 times per second.

But don’t worry, if your rectifier is not built in, we got you covered. Some Coaxial strands don’t have a rectifier built into the strand but you can buy a plug with a rectifier in it.

So in conclusion, if you see Christmas lights that appear to be flashing, they are. You will know that they either don’t have a rectifier in them or they are a very low quality light that was purchased at a retail store that does not specialize in holiday lighting. Just saying.

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