Is your Christmas Light Installer certified?

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The Christmas Light Installation Pros Association is comprised of professional Christmas light installers from around the United States and Canada that must meet certain criteria in order to become a (CLIPA) Certified Installer.  New installers and experienced installers can apply to become CLIPA Certified but to get accepted they must go through the CLIPA certification.


The certification process includes the following:

  • CLIPA Training Events for New Installers (Itinerary Created by 20 year industry veterans).
  • Testing for New and Experienced installers.
  • Proof of (3) Years or More Experience for Existing Installers.
  • At Least (4) Letters of Reference from Past or Present Clients for Existing Installers.
  • Proof of Commercial Liability Insurance on File With CLIPA.

When you are dealing with a CLIPA certified installer you can rest assured that you are in good hands.  Consistent and review monitoring is in place and CLIPA installers must adhere to quality control guidelines that ensure the preservation of the group’s reputation.

Should a customer file a complaint against a CLIPA member, the board will review the complaint or review and put forth its best efforts to resolve the issue.  If a CLIPA associate has consistent complaints or bad reviews they will be removed from the association and directory.


Common complaints in our industry are:

  • Lights not being removed in a timely manner (or at all).
  • Maintenance issues that are not resolved in a timely manner (or at all).
  • Lights and decorations are not installed to customer’s expectations.
  • Damage incurred to property during installation or removal.
  • Installers operating without proper insurance.

CLIPA is dedicated to preserving and advancing our industry through proper training and continual education.  ALL CLIPA installers are expected to represent the association with integrity and follow the CLIPA code of conduct while providing the best service possible for their clients.  Complaints noted above (as well as other valid complaints) are not tolerated.


CLIPA Installers are trained and / or tested on the following elements of decorating:

  • Commercial and Residential Roofline Installations
  • Trees, Bushes and Other Landscaping Installations
  • Stake (sidewalk and driveway perimeter) Lighting
  • Window, Door, Archway and Dormer Outlining
  • Pillar, Fence and Gate Installations
  • Wreaths, Sprays and Garland
  • Troubleshooting
  • Configuration and Proper Power Routing
  • Removal of Lights and Decor
  • Necessary Tools and Equipment
  • Safety
  • Decorating Ideas
  • Customer Service and Relations
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