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Turf Pros Solution
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Turf Pros Solution

We understand the part of Christmas that you don’t like…untangling the lights, getting on the ladders..in the cold, dealing with burnt out bulbs and giving up your weekend to get it done so you don’t look like scrooge to your family or the neighborhood… ugh!!! the hassle of it all. So.. let us do it for you. We’ve been installing lights in Colorado for the past 15 years. Our experienced crews will install, maintain and remove the lights so you can enjoy the holiday season. Whatever your decorating desires, from simple to extravagant, whether snow or sun, we’ll be out to get it done. We know the difference between a professional installation versus someone ‘throwing some lights on and see where it lands’ type installation. We are professional, reasonably priced, dependable and fast. Estimates are free, and we welcome the opportunity to serve you.

719-465-1045 or 720-545-0595
225 S. Academy Blvd. #201 Colorado Springs, CO 80910


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